20 Days to go – Yikes!!!!

Only twenty days to go before the Yorkshire Marathon.Yesterday I managed 19.5miles running from home to the far side of Hebden Bridge and back.

If it wasn’t for the big f’ing hill back up Salterhebble it would have been relatively relaxed affair with 3.5 hours of Radio 4 on my headphones as a change from my usual running mix of early-to-mid 90s house.

Next week will be my last long training run putting another 22miles on the clock. Then I get to look forward to two weeks of taper before the race on the 11th October.

T-Minus one month to the Yorkshire Marathon

It’s been a long and busy summer with more running than blogging about running.

I’ve had high points – Finishing the Humber Half-Marathon in under two hours :-))))

I’ve had low points – A spot of runners knee which is now a lot better through a combination of taking it a bit easier and strength training.

The 10Ks have been great fun and I’ve a small collection of medals and T-shirts but now it’s time for the big one.

Last Sunday, as part of my training plan, I ran the 18miles to Hebden Bridge and back to Skircoat. Despite the pummelling my legs took I was still able to run my 4mile run on Monday so things are looking good for October.

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Next week: First biggie – The Humber Half

Next week is my first half marathon – The Humber Half Marathon

It starts just down the road from my Mum and Dad’s house on the north bank of the Humber estuary.
The highlight is definitely going to be crossing the Humber Bridge on the final ‘sprint’ to the finish.

However….there is the little matter of “Cardiac Hill” to contend with first – A mile of continuous climb in a land with no hills.
I do most of my practice runs in the Pennines where I have to go up a steep hill at a some point so I’m hoping little bit of North Lincolnshire hill shouldn’t pose too much trouble.

The route for the Humber Half can be found here

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Bolton Brow Burner (One down – four to go!)

Not me but the "dad beating" Ferdi
Not me but the “dad beating” Ferdi

Sunday saw me take part in the Bolton Brow Burner 10k in aid of local schools.

Really there are two Bolton Brow Burners: a 2.5k fun run followed by the beastie itself.

I treated the fun run as a good warmup but was beaten by Ferdi my 9-year-old by 3 mins 😉 This was a wise move…..

The 10km Bolton Brow Burner is essentially 6km of steep uphill interspersed with a few flat bits and plummeting through a wood trying not to slip on wet rocks or trip on roots.

All-in-all it was awesome – and completely knackering!!!

Next up: The Humber Half-Marathon – 28th June

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Three 10k, one half marathon and a marathon